Las Molas Association
Panameñas del Estado de Washington
Miss Raíces Panameñas 2016
Samantha Marie Saucedo 1ra
Raíces Panameñas
Enseñanza del Baile Folklórico

Our purpose is to preserve, promote, and
enhance Panamanian culture, to promote
Panamanian educational programs and
increase awareness through schools and
community events of Panamanian culture and
We meet twice a month in the Tacoma, WA
area.  We welcome children, teenagers, and
adults willing to learn, share, and engage in
our Raíces Panameñas.
Katina Miller  is our new 2015 Miss Raices
Panameñas.  Katina is 16 years old.  She is a
sophomore at North Thurston  High School
in  Lacey, WA.  Her hobbiest are to draw,
paint, knit, and other artistic  activities,  
She loves to spend time with family, friends,
and her two dogs.  
Congratulations Katina!
Stella Saucedo, Krystell Pearson, Mercedes Gonzales
Raices Panameñas Seattle Center Presentation in 2012
Raices Panameñas presentation at a cultural event at the Boeing Company
Tarde Criolla and Coronation
July 2016, Samantha Marie 1ra
Special thanks to everyone that
was able to attend the 7th annual
Tarde Criolla event. Samantha
Marie Saucedo and family have no
words to express their gratitude
and thankfulness for all of the
support and wisdom that has been
passed onto them. All the
proceeds collected will be spread
across different organizations in
order to provide donations both in
the state of Washington and our
country of Panama.